Selected Exhibitions

Townhouse Gallery, Cairo (2001)

Townhouse Gallery, Cairo (2001)

Missing Links

Curated by Ashkal Alwan (The Lebanese Association for plastic Arts).

This group show features works by Lebanese artists, including Lamia Joreige, Tony Chakar, Khalil Joreige & Joana Hadjithomas, Marwan Rechmaoui, Walid Sadek and Nadine Touma.

Replay (2000)

Three-channel installation (video, text and images)
With the participation of : Zeina Arida and Ziad Abi Azar

‘Replay’ explores the idea of rupture of time/ within time; of rupture as violence and possible death. Here, two photographs, icons of our present, “fragments” from the Lebanese war, are taken to be reenacted, transformed and repeated, thus turned into another version of themselves, they carry their own memory. On the right screen, a man falls many times and does not die, though he also never stops falling, never stops dying. On the left screen, a woman runs, coming towards us again and again. She doesn’t stop running, doesn’t stop escaping. These two bodies, each perpetuating a vain act, are separated by the immutable sea, demanding uninterrupted contemplation (middle screen).