Selected Exhibitions

Nikki Marquardt Gallery, Paris (2000)

Objets de Guerre & Le Déplacement
Paris, France

Nikki Marquardt Gallery, Paris (2000)

The first solo exhibition by the artist in France features the multimedia works Objects of war  & Le Déplacement.

Two sets of postcards were published at the occasion of the exhibition

Objects of War (1999-Ongoing)

Videos & Objects

Objects of War is a series of testimonials on the Lebanese war. Each person chooses an object, ordinary or unusual, which serves as a starting point for his / her story. These testimonials while helping to create a collective memory, also show the impossibility of telling a single History of this war. Only fragments of this History are recounted here, held as truth by those expressing them.
In Objects of War, the aim is not to reveal a truth but rather to gather and confront many diverse versions and discourses on the subject.

Le déplacement (1998-2000)

Video-stills installation (Inkjet prints taken from videos)

Based on videos filmed in Beirut between 1990 and 1998, Le déplacement is a visual narrative composed of outdoor images (fragments of city, shot on the road), and interiors (intimate persons and spaces), marking pauses within this displacement. The installation is composed of around 190 video-stills. Extracted without chronological order, from footage filmed consciously as well as accidentally, each image holds a precise place within that story, which is the expression of my personal bond to Beirut, of a quest for landmarks in an urban and familiar environment, always in mutation.