Sleep (Prints 2004)

Inkjet Prints

Sleep 1 (inkjet print 110 x 130 cm)

Sleep 2 (inkjet print, 110 x 220 cm)

Sleep 3 (inkjet print, 110 x 220 cm)

Sleep (Prints 2004)

Inkjet prints

The prints ‘Sleep’, which are part of ‘Time and the Other’ (exhibition and book), are enlarged stills taken from super 8 film during the sleeping time of a couple.

‘Sleep’ is the place of total separation, a unique moment of solitude to which the other has no access. Images suggests a lyricism haunted by anxiety, expressing the swing between discord and harmony that lies in the relationship to the loved other.

‘Time and the Other’ is the story of love and separation of a couple, viewed from the subjective angle of one of the lovers. That experience is expressed in the absence of the other. It includes 3 chapters: Embrace, Sleep & Lost Chords