Objects of War (1999-Ongoing)

Videos and Objects
Multimedia Installation

Objects of War (1999-Ongoing)

Multimedia installation (Videos and Objects)
Dimensions Variable. In Arabic & French & English. Subtitles: English

Objects of War (68 min. 2000).
With: Zeina Arida, Lina Saneh, Antoine Bechaalani, Samir Frangieh, Rose Kettaneh, Fatmeh Bittar, Nesrine Khodr, Rabih Mroué, Asma Andraos, Dina Fakhoury, Akram Zaatari.

Objects of War n•2 (85 min. 2003)
With: Chaza Charafeddine, Racha Salti, Fouad El Khoury, Fawzieh Chahrour, Jalal Toufic, Sahar Omran, Mohamad Soueid.

Objects of War n°3 (55 min. 2006)
With: Omar Boustany, Bassam Kahwagi, Mona El Waked, Jacques Aswad, Saleh Barakat, Karim Kobeissi, Norma Pontaoui, Youssef Bazzi.

Objects of War n°4 (72 min. 2006)
With: Mazen Kerbaj, Johnny Farah, Tarek Atoui, Charbel Haber, Yehia Jaber, Roody Khalil, Hania Mroué, Ghayth El Amine.

Objects of War n°5 (82 min. 2014)
With: Zico, Naila Bustros, Raed Yassine, Radwan Ghazi-Moumneh, Rania Stephan, Karim Chaya, Simone Fattal, Fares Chalabi.

Objects of War n°6 (87 min. 2014)
With: Hassan Daoud, Joe Feghali, Etel Adnan, Ahmad Ghossein, Abdul-Halim Jabr, Karim Mroueh, Yolla Polity.

‘Objects of War’ is a series of testimonials on the Lebanese war. Each person chooses an object, ordinary or unusual, which serves as a starting point for his / her story. These testimonials while helping to create a collective memory, also show the impossibility of telling a single History of this war. Only fragments of this History are recounted here, held as truth by those expressing them.  In ‘Objects of War’, the aim is not to reveal a truth but rather to gather and confront many diverse versions and discourses on the subject.

‘Objects of War’ started in 1999 assembling the testimonials of eleven persons. It was first shown in 2000 . It continued in 2003 with ‘Objects of War n°2’, recording seven additional testimonials. This time however, and since then, the recorded material is left unedited, shown in its integrity. The work of collecting and assembling these stories continued with ‘Objects of War n°3 & n°4’ in 2006 and ‘n°5 & 6’ in 2014.