Here and Perhaps Elsewhere (2003)

54 min

Here and Perhaps Elsewhere (2003)

Video, 54 minutes
In Arabic (English or French subtitles)
Original Arabic Title: Houna wa Roubbama Hounak

Written, directed and produced by: Lamia Joreige
Co-produced by: 03 productions
Camera: Lamia Joreige
Editing: Michèle Tyan – Djinn house
Sound: Rana Eid, Carol Issa, Ziad Antar

During the Lebanese civil war, thousands of people disappeared. In most cases, the bodies were not found and the circumstances of their disappearance never known. Today, I travel through Beirut, asking the inhabitants I encounter, one same question: Do you know anyone who was kidnapped here during the war?

My investigation carries me through the many districts around the “Green line”, which used to divide Beirut between East and West, and where militias set up their checkpoints, the scenes of many kidnappings, and crimes. I thereby attempt to trigger the process of memory and to reveal the multiplicity of existing discourses on the war and the immensity of the drama. As I cross town and discover places laden with history, I draw a personal map of this city.