Full Moon (Series of prints, 2007)

Inkjet Prints on Fabric

View of ‘Full Moon’ in ‘A strange felling of familiarity’ at Espace Kettaneh, Beirut, 2007

‘Full Moon’ / September 2005

‘Full Moon’ / October 2005

‘Full Moon’ / June 2006

‘Full Moon’ / September 2007

Full Moon (Series of prints, 2007)

4 Inkjet prints on fabric.
86 x 120 cm

The series of prints ‘Full moon’ are taken from a video attempting over years to capture a poetic moment which happened once: a traveling with an extraordinary full moon while driving to Raouché crossing ‘the Ring’, then back home. The same traveling is repeated, each time in a different way.

The recordings, each of which is diagnosis of our ‘present’ in Beirut, constitute as many fragments of history. Is it possible to capture an instant? Aren’t we always beneath or beyond reality? Here, repetition becomes the reflection of a vain desire to capture beauty and at the same time a means of renewal. It reflects on the process of creation.