Embrace (Video 2004)

4'30 min

Embrace (Video 2004)

Video, 4’30 minutes, no sound.
Directed and produced by: Lamia Joreige
Camera: Pamela Ghanimeh
With: Rania Rafei & Ghassan Salhab


The video ‘Embrace’, which is part of ‘Time and the Other’ (exhibition and book), is a single shot of a couple in an urban landscape. As the camera gets closer, the shot becomes more and more abstract.

The concept of ‘Embrace’ is based on the ambiguity and violence projected onto any act, at that singular instant when the real and the non-real are indiscernible. In this short video, we are never sure whether the couple is fighting or embracing.

‘Time and the Other’ is the story of love and separation of a couple, viewed from the subjective angle of one of the lovers. That experience is expressed in the absence of the other. It includes 3 chapters: Embrace, Sleep & Lost Chords.