Selected Exhibitions

Townhouse Gallery, Cairo (2005)

Townhouse Gallery, Cairo (2005)

Time and the Other

The solo exhibition ‘Time and the Other’ is the story of love and the slow rupture of a couple, viewed from the subjective angle of one of the lovers. It is the story of that experience expressed in the absence of the Other. We never clearly see him, though he’s always there. His presence is obvious through his absence, through the traces left by his body.

‘Time and the Other’ is made of three parts:
‘Embrace’, a series of 7 inkjet prints (taken from Super 8. films), texts and a video.
‘Sleep’  3 prints and a video entitled ‘Sleep’ and 4 prints & texts entitled ‘Diary of Sleep’ (taken from Super 8. films).
‘Lost Chords’ a series of texts and 7 paintings based on photographs .

Publication: ‘Time and the Other’ published by Alarm edition, Beirut (2004).