Selected Exhibitions

Sharjah Biennal 9 (2009)

Provisions of the Future
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Sharjah Biennal 9 (2009)

3 Tryptichs
Interactive multimedia installation, variable dimensions (2009)
Commissioned for ‘Provisions of the Future’, Sharjah Biennial 9.

In 3 Triptychs, the visitor enters alone a space, where the perception of oneself, time and space is questioned. He/she is subject to an experience playing with the idea of reminiscence, where images and sounds appear and disappear appealing to one’s unconscious and possible fears.

This work is inspired by the concept of Overturn by Jalal Toufic, the movies Solaris (A.Tarkovski) and Orphée (J. Cocteau), the series Twin Peaks (D. Lynch) and the paintings of Francis Bacon. Using melancholy as a central element, I created a thread among these works around the notions of rupture of time and loss, to reflect on death.