Selected Exhibitions

Oslo Kunstforening (2018)

Beirut, Beyrut, Beyrouth, Beyrout
Oslo, Norway

View of the drawings ‘The River’ at Oslo Kunstforening  Photo by Christina Leithe Hansen.

Oslo Kunstforening (2018)

In the exhibition «Beirut, Beyrut, Beyrouth, Beyrout», the North meets the Middle East. The exhibition highlights and queries a socio-politically complex society and its history, with sharpness, gravity, heartache and humour. The title points to the cultural diversity that Lebanon, and the Middle East as a whole, represent – marked by long traditions of being a multicultural and multilingual region.

The exhibition includes work by: Mounira Al Solh, Monira Al Qadiri, Ziad Antar, Ali Cherri, Ahmad Ghossein, Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige, Lamia Joreige, Mazen Kerbaj, Stéphanie Saadé, Lucien Samaha, Helle Siljeholm, Suha Traboulsi, Raed Yassin and Akram Zaatari

The exhibition is curated by Marianne Hultman and Ýrr Jónasdóttir with Birta Guðjónsdóttir. It will be shown at Oslo Kunstforening, Norway; Ystads konstmuseum, Sweden and Listasafn Íslands, Iceland.