Selected Exhibitions

Beirut Exhibition Center (2015)

Territoires d'Affect
Beirut, Lebanon

Sleep 1, inkjet print, 110 x 120 cm (2004)

Sleep 2, inkjet print, 110 x 220 cm (2004)

Sleep 3, inkjet print, 110 x 220 cm (2004)

Beirut Exhibition Center (2015)

Territoires d’affect
Curated by Joanna Abou Sleiman

The video and prints Sleep 1,2,3 which are part of ‘Time and the Other‘ (2004) were featured in this group exhibition of Lebanese artists.

‘Time and the Other’ is a story of love and the  slow separation of a couple, viewed from the subjective angle of one of the lovers. It is the story of that experience expressed in the absence of the Other. We never clearly see him, though he’s always there. His presence is obvious through his absence, through the traces left by his body.